The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) is the representative body of the Mirarr Aboriginal people of Australia’s Northern Territory. It represents the Mirarr's rights and responsibilities and advocates on behalf of the community across a wide range of fields and activities, including cultural heritage, politics, law, economic development, the natural and social sciences, and education, training and employment.


"Bininj culture is really strong. You have to look after country. For your grandfather's country and mother country, you need to take care." Yvonne Margarula, Mirarr Senior Traditional Owner.

GAC was established in 1995 and was originally almost exclusively a land rights and political advocacy organisation dedicated to protecting Mirarr land and lives from the imposition of uranium mining. Over the years the focus and function of the Corporation has broadened significantly to include social, cultural, educational and financial activities. Established, managed and directed by the Mirarr Traditional Owners, Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation is still absolutely committed to its core principles of Aboriginal rights and advancement.