The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1995, under Commonwealth legislation, as an organisation to receive and distribute income from the Ranger uranium mine and conduct other business on behalf of the Mirarr Traditional Owners. Finance and investment, on behalf of the members, are central activities of GAC  and the Corporation has developed a long term financial management strategy laying the groundwork for an economic future for Mirarr beyond mining.

One component of the strategy is purchasing local businesses in and around Jabiru. By investing in local retail businesses GAC is reasserting the Mirarr as rightful beneficiaries of commercial development on their land as well as providing employment and training for local people.

Since Jabiru was first established most shops and other businesses in the town have been owned and run by non-Aboriginal people. Jabiru is a regional centre and businesses here service (and profit from) a large number of tourists as well as residents of the town and region. The presence of Aboriginal staff in shops and other businesses also creates a significant change in the predominant regional dynamic of non-Aboriginal shop owners and Aboriginal customers.