Djidbidjidbi Residential College

In 2010 the Mirarr made a long term commitment to the future of their children.

Djidbidjidi Residential College (DjRC) represents the largest single investment by an Aboriginal Community in their children's future.

At the direction of families and Traditional Owners the College is focused on delivering a culturally immersive living space and education support. 

The long term vision for DjRC is that it should be an integenerational learning space that can provide residential accommodation to children attending school as well as a range of services and opportunities for families to interact and practice culture. See details of a recent Master Apprentice Language Workshop.

The term Djidbidjidbi refers to a sacred and dangerous site on the Mirarr estate, Mt Brockman.

Djidbidjidbi College provides a safe and supportive environment for school attendance and after-hours study, and includes a computer-equipped homework centre, recreation rooms, sleeping quarters, and a commercial kitchen and dining room for meals, as well as staff offices and facilities.

The College has the capacity to house 21 students. Most students at Djidbidjidbi are in Grade 5 to Year 12 (11-18 years). As well as supporting their studies at the Jabiru Area School, the College
organises extracurricular activities such as cooking classes and Family Nights where students and their families come together for dinner at the college. (This photo shows a popular family night during a visit from music legend Archie Roach)

It is hoped that the young Mirarr people at Djidbidjidbi will go on to be the future leaders and Board
of Directors of the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.