Overview - Current Focus

The Gunbang Action Group (GAG) is a voluntary coalition of community, business and government agencies.  Its focus is on reducing risks arising from alcohol and other drug use in the Kakadu region.  It works in partnership with the local Aboriginal people.

The GAG has formal responsibility for:

  • Managing a local Alcohol Management Plan;
  • Managing a local Volatile Substance Abuse Management Plan;
  • Oversight of a local Community Safety Plan.


Meeting Update

The last GAG meeting was held on 31 January 2018.  Some of the matters discussed were:

  • Successful funding obtained for three Alcohol Action Initiatives.  The projects are:
    • Working with the new Bininj Kunwok Language Centre on use of translation and interpretor services;
    • Incorporating an innovative photogrpahy component into the the Jabiru Strong Father's |Group;
    • Expanding the Alcohol and Other Drug Wellbeing program at Djidbidjidbi to include Bininj mentors for family groups.
  • Update on establishing a Liquor Permit system to operate across individual homelands - with draft proposal to be circulated to GAG emmbers before being sent to Licensing for comment. 
  • Endorsement of Community Safety Plan.
  • Support for two local Bininj tourist operations to obtain liqupr permits so bona fide guests can drink while on camp.
  • Note that violence was less common over Christmas, along with reports of children appearing to be in good shape and fewer presentations to the health centre.

 Further details can be obtained by contacting GAG via details below. 

The next GAG meeting is scheduled for 18 April 2018.  


The Gunbang Action Group can be contacted by telephone on 08 89792200 / 0401114144 or at email gundjeihmi@mirarr.net.



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