Mirrar In The News

06 Jun 2014 AAP: Go-ahead at Ranger puzzles
06 Jun 2014 ABC: Ranger mine to re-open before investigations of uranium spill conclude
06 Jun 2014 Australian: Ranger mine to restart
06 Jun 2014 ABC: Uranium mine given approval to restart processing
11 May 2014 ABC Radio Adelaide: ERA suspends R3D tunnel
09 May 2014 ABC: ACF disappointed at Rio Tinto's Ranger rehabilitation comments
08 May 2014 AAP: Uranium mine leaks dominate Rio AGM
08 May 2014 Australian Mining: Rio Tinto dismisses Ranger rehab funding concerns as "hypothetical"
07 May 2014 Australian Mining: Rio Tinto called to account for ERA rehab funding at Ranger uranium mine
30 Apr 2014 Fairfax: Rio Tinto's helping hand to ERA
24 Apr 2014 Guardian: Rio Tinto's stance on Kakadu cleanup alarms Indigenous owners
24 Apr 2014 Ria Novosti: Australian Company Refuses to Clean Up Uranium Mining Site
21 Apr 2014 Fairfax: Ranger Mine: ERA attracts ire from local community over uranium rehab
16 Apr 2014 ABC: Rio Tinto warns of more economic upheaval
16 Apr 2014 ABC: Its up to ERA: Rio Tinto sidesteps Ranger uranium open-cut mine rehabilitation costs
16 Apr 2014 Fairfax: Rio chief tight-lipped on Ranger mine
13 Apr 2014 NT News: A range of reasons to wait for spill finds
11 Apr 2014 Paper: scissors for rock
11 Apr 2014 ABC 730: Question mark over ERAs ability to rehabilitate Ranger mine for inclusion in Kakadu
10 Apr 2014 Australian: ERA digs deep in search of a future