Gundjeihmi is governed by a Board of Directors, comprising senior members of the clan. The Corporation employs 20 full time staff in a range of positions across the organisation. In addition, through its work crews and other projects, it employs on a casual basis up to 50 additional people at any given time.

The corporation also retains a number of advisers on a contractual basis. These advisors come from fields including law, governance, hydrology, linguistics, environmental science and event management.

All strategic and long term decisions are made by the Mirarr board.

The day-to-day running of GAC is managed by the Chief Executuve Officer and staff.

Annie Ngalmirama

Board of Directors Chairperson

Yvonne Margarula

Senior Mirarr Traditional Owner

Nida Mangarrbar Mirarr Traditional Owner
  Justin O'Brien Chief Executive Officer