Gundjeihmi Aborginal Corporation operates three retail businesses:

Two Rivers Newsagency
Shop 2, Jabiru Shopping Plaza
(08) 8979 2020

Two Rivers is the central newsagency and post office for the Jabiru region and supplies local and national newspapers, magazines, stationery, books and gifts. Post office boxes are also available for rent.

Anmak An-me Cafe
Bowali Visitors Centre, Kakadu National Park
(08) 8938 1120

The Bowali visitors centre is an essential stop for all tourists arriving in Kakadu. The Anmak An-me cafe is located within the centre and provides welcome refreshment in the tropical heat. Relax in the shade, enjoy the breeze and a cool drink, ice-cream or a meal.

Marrawuddi Gallery
Bowali Visitors Centre, Kakadu National Park
(08) 8979 2777

The Marrawuddi Gallery is proud of its repuation for fine art by artists from Kakadu and the wider region. Artists from the area supply the gallery with a range of intricate and beautiful items including paintings, carvings, woven mats and baskets. All work is displayed for viewing or purchase along with books, cards and handmade jewellery.


online shopping:

- Mirarr Rock Art poster series

- paintings

- woven bags, mats, baskets