Youth and children comprise a high proportion of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory in general. This is true of the Kakadu West Arnhem region. 

Gundjeihmi is dedicated to ensuring that Bininj children and young people are given full opportunities and all necessary support for them to thrive for their own individual well being and for the benefit and well-being of their families, clans and the community as a whole.

One step in this direction was taken on 2008 when Gundjeihmi founded, funded and developed the Kakadu Youth Centre, now known as Kakadu Community Centre. 

The Kakadu Community Centre (KCC) is a facility for the use and benefit of all Bininj youth who live in the region. 

The refurbished building is located in Leichhardt Street, Jabiru. It is large and has multiple spaces for any and every suitable activity. 

The largest space is an open hall with a timber floor for all manner of recreation activities - making artwork large or small - conducting meetings or exercise classes - playing indoor games - throwing parties and celebrations - providing a great general purpose venue  - and any other creative or social activity.

The dedicated spaces include:-

  • sound proof music room
  • media lab with new networked computers for homework and creative spontaneous expressive projects
  • well resourced kitchen
  • mechanic shed for bicycle maintenance - known as Deadly Treadlies
  • indoor and outdoor storage for tools, equipment and materials
  • general offices and facilities for staff and helpers

The KCC is run and managed by paid and volunteer staff. It maintains a close association with the West Arnhem College and the Gundjeihmi.

Projects at KCC include

  • Planning, making art and building the Mahbilil Festival
  • Film, media and music projects
  • Cooking and catering activities 
  • Exercise classes for all the residents of the town and the region.